East Barnet Festival

East Barnet Festival

East Barnet Festival is a wonderful weekend experience held in Oak Hill Park in North London every July. This largest London’s community festival takes place in open place of amazing and relaxing Oak Hill Park and hosts regularly more than 25 thousand visitors. The leading idea of the festival is to organize and offer a wide assortment of entertaining and recreational activities including concerts, dancing, sports competitions, artistic performances and many other similar events. Special even and particularly popular among visitors is Hammond’s Family Funfair and multicultural catering. All these activities last two to four days and visitors of all age will certainly find something of their interest.

Organization of East Barnet Festival

Festival is fully organized by dozens of volunteers and managed by East Barnet Community Festival Ltd. The festival doesn’t charge the entrance, and all the profit is meant for charity purposes. The primary aim of the festival is to provide two days of a great time for all visitors, mostly families from London and to offer attractive events that promote cultural subjects, physical activities, healthy life, and good entertainment. Another goal is to collect the money from sponsorships and concessions and to invest it into various charity projects.


The East Barnet Festival is run by volunteers and many people willing to invest their free time, ideas, creativity and good will into this realization of this idea. The event gathers musicians, sportsmen, various artists and performers, mostly locals from London, but the festival is open to anyone. Many stages and terrains are placed all over the park, and every area is reserved for one field of interest. There are many opportunities for visitors to get involved and take part in activities they are interested in.

Connecting beautiful and useful

ebf-01Our company provides various business services covering many fields of industry and crafts, but especially for this occasion, we have settled an agreement with Festival’s management to run all the business and to mediate between the festival and everyone interested in performing and presenting at the festival. We will make contracts with artists and performers, set terms and conditions of business for all small companies and manufacturers interested in selling their services or products at the festival. We will control the money flow and direct it into determined accounts for charity donations.

Be a part of this great event

If you are interested in taking part in East Barnet Festival, you will find all the directions and detailed explanations at the website of our company. Four main categories of services Festival requires include bands and musicians, performers of all kind, volunteer stewards, and journalists, and correspondents. All hired applicants will perform for two days under the determined term and conditions. Also, any company interested in presenting their services or offering their products at the festival should contact our company for business services to make a contract on time. The Precise percentage of their total income will be directed into a fund for charity purposes and invested after the festival is over.